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Our root cause analysis training is a must for dealer service managers, foreman, technical support, warranty admins, and technicians. Prevent repeat failures which cause customer dissatisfaction, excessive downtime, and high repair expense. Prevent your techs from ?just replacing parts because they thought it was needed?. Make your service department much more efficient by reducing rework, increasing job satisfaction and morale among employees, increased employee motivation, increased efficiencies in processes and improved warranty recovery, all resulting in financial gain, customer satisfaction and increased market share.

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“The class was excellent. The course material was very informative and there were many real world examples of failures. The hands on experiences were a great way to apply the knowledge learned in the course material. This class is a must have for anyone in the construction and mining industry.”

James P. ? Senior Quality Engineer

“The most informative class I have ever been in. Absolutely a must have for the heavy equipment industry.”

Troy N. ? Technician, Gregory Poole Cat