FAS classes will significantly improve inspection skills before, during and after repairs. Perfect for Chief Engineers, 1st, 2nd and 3rd engineers, Oilers, or anyone working on drive systems, propulsion, engines, hydraulics, gear drives and more.

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“This is as good as it gets. You will learn. I’ve been to many manufacturer classes and nothing compares. Highest level of professionalism you will see in this industry. Highly recommend!”

Jacob O. via Facebook

“I really enjoyed taking this training! It was both enlightening and challenging! I learned a lot and it was a lot of fun as well! Jim really knows his stuff. The hands on experience with the labs along with learning what road signs to look will undoubtedly prove most useful!”

Edwin C. via Facebook

“The class was excellent. The course material was very informative and there were many real world examples of failures. The hands on experiences were a great way to apply the knowledge learned in the course material. This class is a must have for anyone in the construction and mining industry.”

James P. Senior Quality Engineer

“The most informative class I have ever been in. Absolutely a must have for the heavy equipment industry.”

Troy N. Technician, Gregory Poole Cat