The wealth of knowledge FAS shared with our team has transformed the way we look at failures. The broad spectrum of topics covered in your course; from lubrication related failures, fracture analysis and component manufacturing processes really pulls everything together.

Jim is a true professional that knows his stuff. He comes prepared and does a fantastic job as a trainer. Classes are well paced with lecture, presentation and a ton of hands on looking at real world examples. If you are in the business and have the need to understand how/why failures happen in diesel engines and components, make the investment in this training. This training opened my eyes to the things I didn’t know about failed engine components. Looking back the investment is totally worth it.

“Excellent course. Jim is very professional and knowledgeable. The hands on training is top notch. I would recommend this course to anyone working with engines.”

“Finished the FA1 course this week and the training went above and beyond my expectation! Jim is an amazing trainer. He is very knowledgeable and a great speaker who keeps everyone engaged and makes sure you would benefit from the course. It’s a challenging industry we work in, but this class equipped me with a new powerful resource in my arsenal, and boosted my confidence to a higher level. It was a fun experience and got me excited to put what I learned to application. I would never look at a broken piece of iron the same way again. Thank you very much Jim!”

I personally took the same class years ago through Caterpillar. If I compared the Cat class to the FAS class, the FAS class is by far a better learning tool for dealers.

The failure analysis class that was taught by Jim Dettore was absolutely terrific! I am beyond grateful that I had the opportunity to be put in one of his classes and taught all the valuable information he has acquired over his years of practice. His teaching abilities are out of this world, the hands on he included in his lectures really worked well with the mindsets of us technicians and made it enjoyable. The technologies he brought to the class really took the learning experience to a whole new level; being able to see exactly ‘to a T’ how major failures occur and pinpoint its root cause. By far the most informational and comprehensive class I have ever been a part of. I look forward to being able to attend another failure analysis class taught by Mr. Dettore and I appreciate him and his wife for taking the time to come teach us at Gregory Poole!

The class was excellent. The course material was very informative and there were many real world examples of failures. The hands on experiences were a great way to apply the knowledge learned in the course material. This class is a must have for anyone in the construction and mining industry.

Of all the education and training I have received this has proved to be the most valuable and useful. Looking forward to attending the next Open Enrollment Class.

We received FA1. Good course and excellent delivery. Our students developed skills and knowledge through this training. Really liked how Mr. Dettore ties it all to providing good customer service.

I am completing 2 weeks of failure analysis training with Jim and must say that I am amazed at the amount of material and knowledge that I am receiving from his course. It has been very informative and extremely enjoyable. Jim is an excellent speaker and trainer and his course has delivered more than I had expected.

Just finished the FAS – 1 class. Got a lot out of it that will be of great help.

Just finished up Failure Analysis 1 this week and what an interesting and awesome week! Plenty of iron to analyze, learn from, and all the equipment to inspect it properly. I can’t wait to keep practicing and take failure analysis 2. Jim is a fantastic presenter, instructor, and has a vast knowledge of failure analysis and equipment too! Thanks Jim, I look forward to taking FA 2!

The most informative class I have ever been in. Absolutely a must have for the heavy equipment industry.

Great class, awesome instructor that sticks with his training plan!

Great class and instructor. You’ll get all the info you need to effectively analyze failures and how to avoid them in the future.

What a great class! I just completed FAS-I and FAS- II. So much information but so well presented through lecture and hands-on lab work. The classes will really help in my job with our NDT group. Everyone in a maintenance related field should be in these classes! Thanks Jim and Maria.

I just completed this course with Jim and I fully recommend this for all service techs and service management. Jim is very professional and thorough with Failure Analysis. I’ve been working on trucks for about 28 years and I only wish I could have had this course 20 years earlier.

We needed a failure analysis on a 3520 crank very quickly. We contacted Jim and sent him all the information we had. We had an initial analysis back within 48 hours and his full report within 96. The report was concise and comprehensive and included explanations, pictures, and historical grounding. When we received his report, we had questions so Jim actually went out to his lab and spent a day attempting to simulate our failure to ensure the analysis was correct, which it was. His report and extra effort allowed us to make some quick management decisions in a challenging situation based on facts rather than conjecture. I’d recommend Failure Analysis Services to anyone.

I would recommend Jim not only as a trainer, but someone who would work with companies to compose a wide variety of training offerings that will make any business better.

I just spent a full week in Jim’s class at Milton Cat in Milford Massachusetts. I was extremely impressed with Jim’s knowledge and teaching skills. I was also impressed with the quantity of examples he has to use for the class. I strongly recommend this class to every technician in the field who trouble shoots engines and/or equipment failures.

Great training of real life scenarios with many hands on examples.

Did our class in Evansville Indiana, learned a lot and cleared up a few things I always had questions on. Thank you.

Excellent training and customer service. Highly recommended!

Great stuff and would highly recommend these courses to anyone in the mechanical world!

Excellent course! Good mix of classroom and actual hands on.

This class will help me determine the root cause of our failures and help reduce costs and downtime

This is one of the best courses I have taken

Jim is an outstanding problem solver. He excels at quickly understanding the problem, its root cause and developing a corrective action plan. But what separates him for the very best is his energy toward execution of the plan.

Jim’s technical knowledge, experience and ability are outstanding and he has demonstrated the somewhat rare ability to convey technical information and procedures to student in a way that is easy for them to understand.

I highly recommend Jim for your training needs because I believe you will receive nothing but the best quality training available, an excellent resource for any equipment industry needs and the best return for your investment.